100 Steps To The Perfection Of Faith

This is a step - a step if we want to perfect faith in memnjalani life in this world, let us consider one-on-one and do not forget to try to run it. I hope we all can attain the perfection of faith in this world.
The order of 100 steps to the perfection of faith :
1. Be grateful when getting favors;
2. Be patient when trouble;
3. Tawakal if you have any plan / program;
4. Ikhlas in all charitable deeds;
5. Do not let the hearts of sadness;
6. Do not regret it a failure;
7. Do not despair in the face of adversity;
8. Do not be nosy with wealth;
9. Do hasud and envious over the success;
10. Do not be arrogant if obtain success;
11. Do not be greedy / stingy to the property;
12. Do not be too ambitious to be something notch;
13. Do not be destroyed by despotism;
14. Do not waver for defamation;
15. Do bekeinginan too high which exceed the ability of self;
16. Do not meddle with haraam wealth;
17. Do not hurt the feelings of the father and mother;
18. Do not send those who ask;
19. Do not hurt the fatherless;
20. Keep away from major sins;
21. Do not get used to commit small sins;
22. Many visited the house of Allah (mosques);
23. Make a prayer with sincerity and khusyu;
24. Make a fard prayer at the beginning of time, and the congregation in the mosque;
25. Make a habit of evening prayer;
26. Expand the devotions and supplications to God;
27. Perform fasting and fasting obligatory circumcision;
28. Love and santuni the poor;
29. There should be no fear except Allah;
30. Do not be mad extravagance;
31. Love someone with moderation;
32. berpisahlah Unite for God and for God;
33. Practice concentration of the mind;
34. Fulfill the promise when He swore and apologize if for whatever reason can not be met;
35. Do not have an enemy, except with the devil / Satan;
36. Do not believe the predictions of man;
37. Do not be too afraid of the poor;
38. Respect each person;
39. Do not be too afraid of humans;
40. Do not get cocky, arrogant and big-headed;
41. Clean the treasures of the rights of others;
42. Be fair in all matters;
43. Get used to seek forgiveness and repent to God;
44. Clean the house of idols;
45. Decorate the house with a recitation of the Quran;
46. ​​Expand and connect the relationship;
47. Close the genitalia in accordance with the instructions of Islam;
48. Talk to taste, not to shout;
49. married / get married when it's ready for everything;
50. Respect the time, the discipline of time and take advantage of the time;
51. Get used to living a clean, orderly and organized;
52. Get rid of diseases of heart;
53. Take time to relax with the family;
54. Eat enough not shortage and not excessive;
55. Respect for teachers and scholars;
56. Frequently bershalawat to the prophet;
57. Love the family of the Prophet Muhammad;
58. Do not have too much debt or royal;
59. Do not be too easy to promise;
60. Always remember the moment of death and realize that the life of the world is a temporary life;
61. Keep away from the deeds that are not useful as a useless talk;
62. Mix with righteous people;
63. Often wake up at the end of the night, praying and beristighfar;
64. Perform Hajj and Umrah when they are able;
65. Forgive others who do wrong to us;
66. Do not revenge and a desire not returning evil for evil again, please respond with kindness;
67. Do not hate someone because of misunderstandings and differences of opinion or the establishment;
68. Do not hate those who hate us;
69. Practicing to be frank in determining the appropriate choice;
70. Relieve the burdens of others and help those who have difficulties;
71. Do not hurt others;
72. Do not get used to tell a lie;
73. Be fair, even though we ourselves will get the loss;
74. Keep mandate in a responsible manner;
75. Carry out all duties with sincerity and earnestness;
76. Respect other people who are older than us;
77. Do not open disgrace others or prejudice;
78. Look at those poorer than us, see also the more accomplished than us;
79. Take a lesson from the experience of those wise and prudent;
80. Take time to contemplate anything that has been done;
81. Do not feel inferior because of poor and do not be arrogant because of the rich;
82. Be human is always beneficial to religion, nation and state;
83. Identify shortcomings and also recognize the advantages of others;
84. Do not make others suffer and be miserable;
85. Speak of the good or do not say anything;
86. Recognize achievements and giving person;
87. Do not spend time for mere entertainment and pleasure;
88. Akrablah with everyone, although that
89. Make time for exercise in accordance with religious norms and conditions of ourselves; 
90. Do not do anything that causes us to be physically or mentally impaired; 
91. Follow the advice of those who are wise and prudent; 
92. Be smart to forget the mistakes of the people and be smart to forget our services; 
93. Do not do anything that causes someone else disturbed, and do not say anything that may cause others insulted; 
94. Do not be quick to believe the bad news concerning our friend, before verified; 
95. Do not procrastinate the duties and obligations; 
96. Greet everyone with a helping hand full of intimacy and friendliness and not excessive; 
97. Do memforsir yourself to do something that is beyond the capability of self; 
98. Beware of any test, trials, temptations and challenges. Do not run away from the reality of life; 
99. Rest assured that every virtue will bear good and evil will bear any damage; 
100. Do not be successful at the expense of people and not rich by impoverishing the people; 

That was the order for the perfection of faith, hope this can make material for learning and personal bermnafaat we make to each other (Hablu minalloh wahablu minannaas).

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